Q235B Steel

yxr3 steel equivalent

yxr3 steel equivalent

yxr3 steel equivalent

C007B General Catalogue

JIS ( ) Aichi Steel Works Uddeholm Kobe Steel, Ltd. Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Daido Steel Co., Ltd. Nippon Koshuha Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Mitsubishi Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. MH85 KDMV YXR3 MH88 HM9TL YXR4 YXR7 YXR35 ASP23 KHA32 DEX20 HAP10 ASP30 KHA30 DEX40 HAP40 KHA3VN DEX60 HAP50 KHA30N DEX70 HAP63 KHA33N DEX80 HAP72 KHA50 KHA77 COMPARISON OF DIE STEEL BY MANUFACTURERS COMPARISON OF DIE STEEL BY MANUFACTURERS Carbon tool steels Alloy tool steel High-speed tool steel Powdered high-speed tool steel Symbols in foreign standards SK105 formerly SK3 SKS93 SKS3 SKD1 SKD11 SKD11 modified M a trix group CrSKD SKD12 Pre-h a rdened 40 HRC Pre-h a rdened 50 HRC or more Fl me-h a rdened steel Low temper a

Chemical compositions

Grade JIS equivalent Cr W Mo V Co YXM1 YXM4 YXMT YXM42 YXM60 XVC5 YHX2 YXR33 YXR3 YXR7 HAP5R HAP10 HAP40 HAP50 HAP72 Molybdenum High Speed Steel Vanadium High Speed SKH57 Steel Tungsten High Speed 0.80 Steel Matrix High Speed Steel 0.80~0.90 0.85~0.95 0.75~0.85 1.00~1.10 1.00~1.10 1.20~1.30 Cold Work Tool Steel Tool Steel Products DAIDO STEELTool steel is one of Daido's major products and we have a wide variety of products for cold, hot, high speed and plastic mold applications. Some of our brand steels are highly evaluated globally such as DC53 and NAK. To satidfy our customers' demands, we are pursuing high quality products and high performance technical services. Cold Work Tool Steels - Steel DataCopyright © 2017 by Steel Data. All Rights Reserved.

Comparison Chart

Title:Comparison Chart Author:Kishore Created Date:11/29/2011 10:03:04 AM FC-37 1 Comparisons of Materials between JIS and Flame-Hardened Steel Low Temperature Air Cooled Steel Shock Resistance Steel Others High-Speed Tool Steel SKH51 M2 H6.5.2 HS652 SKH55 Group S6.2.5 HS6525 SKH57 Group S104310 HS104310 Matrix Group P/M High Speed Tool Steel HS6538 Matrix Group Hitachi Metals, Ltd. Aichi Steel Works, Ltd. Kobe Steel Co., Ltd. Fatigue crack initiation and propagation behavior of May 01, 2010 · Fatigue strength of SKH51 steel is higher than that of YXR3. Low cycle fatigue strength of SKH51 at 10 4 cycles is 790 MPa and 80 MPa higher than that of YXR3 steel. This is because of the higher ultimate tensile strength of SKH51 than that of YXR3 steel. Fig. 10 shows SN diagrams of SKH51 heat-treated in vacuum and salt bath. Fatigue

SNCM439 steel - Steel Grades

Tool & Die Steels Inc. Stainless Steel, Special Steel, Compressor Blading, Turbine Blading, Superalloy Supplier. SNCM439 Round Bar SNCM439 Flat Bar SNCM439 Hollow Bar SNCM439 Tube / Pipe SNCM439 Sheet / Plate SNCM439 Strip / Coil SNCM439 Wire SNCM439 Forging SNCM439 Tube / Pipe TEL:+86-80247006 Shear forming of 304L stainless steel microstructural After imposing an equivalent strain of 1.2, up to 40% of the simulated boundaries displayed a disorientation in excess of 15°. The morphology and distribution of all phases in YXR3 steel were Special steel, tool steel business|Maxis Corporation Co..Maxis Corporation steel business, construction machinery parts business, attachment business, global business, general processed products and OEM products, and design, procurement and assembly of crawlers. We will provide quality, price and delivery that will satisfy our customers.

Steel Grade Equivalents Guide Hillfoot

Steel Grade Equivalents The table below details similar grades to the most commonly used engineering steels. The column on the left shows some of the steel grades stocked by Hillfoot, while the middle columns show grades with similar chemistry, and the two Steel standards - equivalence - MP MétalEquivalent qualities according to former national standards:Standard:Symbolic designation Former designation France NFA Germany DIN Italy UNI Great Britain BS USA ASTM Japan JIS 1. Uncoated mild steels for stamping:EN 10 130:36.401 (1983) 1623-1 (1983) 5866 (1977) 1449-P1 (1983) A 366-91 A 619-92 A 620-92 3141 (1990) DC 01 DC 03 DC 04 DC 05 Tool Steels - A Guide for the Welding of Tools SteelsApr 05, 2004 · The hardness of the austenitic deposit is around 200 BHN and may work harden under impact to 400 BHN equivalent. Post Heat. Annealed tool steel should be placed in a furnace immediately after welding and re-annealed. Hardened tool steel should be allowed to cool to 700°C then immediately post-heated at or just below the tempering temperature.

YXR Series - Diehl Tool Steel, Inc.

Matrix Type High-Speed Steel Hitachi Metals has developed a new matrix type high speed steel with high toughness and strength. The YXR Series consists of three different grades:YXR3:Tool forging with superior toughness YXR33:Tool forging with greatest toughness YXR7:Tool forging with both superior strength and toughness YXR3 SteelYXR3 Steel Steel name:YXR3 Diagram No.:1638 Chemical composition in weight %:No data Steel group:High speed steels Applications:Dies to be used for cracking or chip breaking resistance. Comment:Matrix high speed steel for general use, extremely highest toughness in 58-61 HRC. Reference:Not shown in this demo version. Heat TreatmentHigh Speed Tool SteelsYXR3 HI-PM MAGIC HMD5 YXR33 ACD37 HAP72 SGT P/M high speed steel Strength Strength Wear resistance Toughness Matrix high speed steel Excellent machinability Toughness Flame hardend steel Air hardened steel 40HRC pre-hardened steel For high performance service Simplied small production ARK1 SLD-MAGIC:stnadard steel (JIS equivalent):original steel

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